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Jill Riley
Artist, Songwriter, Producer

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A truly gifted songwriter, Jill is a former Milsap Galbraith Music Group staff writer and 2020 winner of the Anthem Film Festival for Best Original Score. In her first role as producer, she delivers a life's work of art in her new album, Common Ground. 

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     Jill Riley was born into the fourth generation of a large Texas cattle ranching family. Her great grandparents and their children survived both the dirty thirties and the great depression in the Texas Panhandle. Jill grew up observing the fitting debates and resulting divisions among the cattlemen of the second and third generations. This work is a rare jewel. Story albums  have been written in the past, but never has there been a story album written about a true story in which the singer/songwriter is an actual character in the story.  Through this work, Jill Riley magnifies a micro version of the issues we face together today, as a nation - the “family” of America. The project exists to inspire a celebration of heritage and to bring renewal to divided relationships. The writings and productions of The Common Ground Sound Project spark relevant and imperative conversations for the times we live in and aim to encourage, from underneath the fog of politics, a return to love and unity among "The Commoners" of this beauty-full country.


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