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The Common Ground Sound Project revolves around the true story of the debates and divisions within a Texas cattle ranching family, spanning four generations, with a message to the fifth - the "fifth" representing all future generations. The story is told first through an award winning film, followed by a book, the release of the twelve song story album, and coming soon, a multi media stage production. The messages of this project are supported by unique products and powerful online resources and forums to help families celebrate their heritage, mend divisions, and heal brokenness within American families and therefore the family of America. We believe this will bring healing to our divided nation as well as divided nations abroad.

Current Goal $8000





What difference will this project make in the world? 

The ever increasing passion and intent of this project is to encourage families to mend divisions in an effort to heal the future of the nation. The stage production brings five elements together: the film, the book, live musicians performing the album, live actors depicting the story, and precious family recordings that date back to the 1970s. These elements culminate to inspire a deep appreciation for family heritage and an understanding of the power of the family unit within any nation. It subsequently is our intent to motivate and equip the citizens of any nation with effective conflict resolution methods for mending extremely polarized relationships and cultures. 

What exactly is my money going toward?

For every donation, the giver will receive specifics on the current goal and intended budget items. Common Ground Sound is currently renewing its standing and department within Artists for Community Transformation which provides our 501c3 standing and Accountability Board. See "Accountability" section for more details. 

Who will benefit from this project? 

"The generations to come!" That's the short and direct answer to that question. When I committed myself to working on this project, God said, "Write as if you're writing for a hundred generations from now." That was lifechanging for me. While all living generations will benefit from the efforts of this project, our primary focus is on the next generation. 

How will people benefit? 

One of the main ways people will benefit is through an online course we are developing called "Come To The Table." This is a twelve episode master class, online resource library, and forum that will share the richest resources of experts on conflict resolution and relationship reconciliation known to us. The resource library will be organized in such a way that a member can type in the exact specific issue they are dealing with and immediately be coupled with exact resources for that problem. 


Ticketed Table Reads (My Favorite!) 

We are organizing online and in person live table reads. This is a great opportunity for donors to come to know the script and treatment and therefore the messaging. Also, if you attend these in person, you're in for a treat. I love to cook and we will be serving my super special short ribs. It's a recipe I borrowed and then did a little "co-writing" on. ;-)   

"Influences" shows (Second Favorite!)

I am scheduling a series of local live shows featuring covers of songs from artists who influenced the sound of these songs like Jessi Colter, Emmy Lou Harris, and many more. Each show will be a different set of songs. 

Bargain Tickets for Dress Rehearsals

We will also sell a discounted ticket price to dress rehearsals. This will be a blast because it will work a little like television production in that based on audience response, we will tweak the writing of the script to make sure our messaging is as effective as possible. 

Ticketed Online Mini Music Festivals
I am in the beginning stages of scheduling live online "Mini Music Festivals." These shows will be live streamed and feature other artists and songwriters I know you will love! 

Small Business Day of  Donations

As we near opening night we will organize a "day of donations" with our main street small businesses as well as our local farmers market vendors. On this day, each vendor will donate a portion of their revenue for the day.  

Sponsored Family Tickets

As a part of our small business and farmers market vendors outreach, we will include the opportunity for them to purchase tickets to the show and donate them to local families who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Throughout the duration of our fundraising events, we will continue to run various pay to enter contests with some really great prizes. 

Visit the Official Common Ground Sound Merch Store. 100% of profits go toward fundraising efforts. 

What divides a family divides a nation.

Through looking into the debates and division within four generations of my family, I saw a micro version of the macro problem that has now surfaced in America. I've come to believe the healing of a nation begins with the healing of the families within the nation.  

The Recipe of Reconciliation

The ingredients are simple and just like the ingredients required to make a cake, if one is missing, an actual cake can not be made. Here are the four simple ingredients:

  1. Own the behavior 

  2. Be sincerely apologetic about the behavior

  3. Make a commitment to change the behavior

  4. Take time rebuild trust in the relationship

Conquer the Divide!

Through a commitment to Return to Love, to reconcile relationships, and to speak and listen to each other in love and with mutual respect, and the goal of understanding, I believe we will conquer the divide among us. 

Return to Love!

To say "Return to love." is to say "Return to God." God is love (John1:4) and I've found that without  first receiving His love, we are not able to love well. I hold mutual respect for those who differ from my beliefs. It is critical that we all engage in true mutual respect and love for one another regardless of our differences. In this, I'm not suggesting that we "lay our differences aside" and/or "go along to get along." I'm suggesting that we learn to speak and listen to one another in love

The Current "Civil War."

We are now in a type of "civil war" in America which is a direct attack on the socioeconomic status of the commoners of this county. It is psychological in nature, extremely confusing, and tormenting. I believe our only hope is to...

The Rise of the Commoner's Voice
In any nation where the commoner's voice is not heard and heeded, you will find countless forms of poverty and countless forms of slavery.  As we bring love and mutual respect to each other, we will rise up as one and become a powerfully united voice that can and will slay the giants of greed in the land. 

Create a Balanced Majority

Balanced majorities avoid policy reversals and thus save money and maintain credibility. They avoid policy changes that are random or excessive and thus reduce the game-of-chance and hysteria in politics. They show the rule of reason not of whim, thus inspire confidence in legitimate leadership. They do not let fringe reps steer policies, a common fact in one-sided majorities.


The dysfunction, due to unhealed wounds within American families, has over time produced an incredibly excessive, unreasonable, whimsical, and completely hysterical nation. If we had a “balanced majority” environment within our families (the micro), we would see a legitimately “balanced majority” surface in politics (the macro). In order to have a legitimately “balanced majority,” you must first achieve an altruistic blending of the best ideas from every side. 

"Effective" Capitalism: (The True American Dream)

If enough people set out to do the things I've mentioned above, I believe we would find ourselves living in a country that would run on the principles of what I call "Effective Capitalism" (vs. corrupt capitalism) which would sound something like this: You do you and I do me within a free market system of economy. If we agree on a business model and it’s mutually beneficial to go into business together, let’s do it. But, in addition we all agree to be an empowering societal force by setting up opportunities within our business models that truly increase the socioeconomic status of our employees and the general public - our community, state, nation, and world,  through both fully transparent charitable contributions to authentically effective outreaches and programs where necessary; and through fair wages with fairly scaled increases awarded to those who’ve genuinely earned them.




I am currently in the process of rejoining and connecting  COMMON GROUND SOUND to a wonderful organization that I was a part of in the past. Artists for Community Transformation is an overseeing entity providing me with an accountability board and covering as well as a 501c3 standing and accounting department which will handle all tax deductible donations for me. The vision of Artists for Community Transformation is...

"Bringing Peace and Hope to The Nations Through the Arts."

In our
Pledge now pay later option, you are given the opportunity to have your payment placed in a "holding tank" until we are once again up and running with this organization. 


In addition to the A.C.T. covering  and accountability team, I am currently going through the (re) ordination process with an organization called Messenger Fellowship founded by my pastor, Steve Fry. It was not my heart so much to become (re) ordained as it was to take the amazing class taught by Steve Fry and join this tribe and movement. However, it comes with ordination and I felt led to go all the way with it. This organization offers a pastoral covering and amazing community which affords me the much needed, and blessed opportunity to follow the principles set forth in Proverbs 19:20 which says,  "The wise man/(woman) listens to godly advice, accepts instruction continually, and proactively seeks out wise counsel. " It is my solemn commitment to diligently continue in this biblical instruction going forward with this project. 

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