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Watch The Trailer

"This is amazingly beautiful!"

~M Doron (Raleigh, NC)

"I can't think of a better way to spend an hour!"

~D Pittman (Leiper's Fork, TN)

"Jill has really told a wonderful story!"

~ J Casdorph (Gruver, TX)

"I love how it flows from narration to experience to song!" ~ C Davis (Amarillo, TX)

"This left me deeply affected."

~ S Caprock (Spearman, TX)

"I was most affected by the range of emotions I experienced while watching it.

 ~ K Starkey (Fort Worth, TX)

Watch the Film Festival Version 

"While watching, I was able to peek through a previously sealed door, and now I hold a better understanding and connection to my family roots." 

~ Lily Langford - 5th Generation Cousin (Brock, TX)

"I am exceptionally grateful" ~ Glenda Cluck 

3rd Generation "Queen" (Sun Valley, ID)

"I'm older than you and I know this story! Jill, you told this story exactly right and I could not be more proud" 

~ Monte Cluck - 4th Generation Cousin (Boerne, TX)