He Sets the Lonely in Families

~Psalm 68:6~

I come from a huge family and I can almost guarantee you that almost every last one of us has felt lonely at some point in our life. Have you ever felt separated from your family and alone? There are several reasons this happens. Of course, it can be caused by family divisions and toxic relationships within a family. But, it can also be simply because you don't live near your family anymore. The bible talks about how we would "run to and fro" in the end. It seems like the more we evolved as a society, the more we moved away from our families. That is sad to me. But, here's my encouragement for you today if you feel alone and separated from your family for whatever reasons:

If we learn to open our hearts, we will begin to notice that the Lord has indeed placed us in families outside of our "family of origin." This is such a sweet thing the Lord does for his children. He does not want you to ever feel alone. Look around and take notice of who God has placed in your life as family. It could be your co-workers, you friends, your church mates, your neighbors, your gardener, your uber driver, your nurse, or your plumber. Just ask the Lord to lay your eyes on them. They are all around. They are there for you and ready to take you in because God Himself is placing them in your life for this very reason. All you have to do is be willing to receive this gift. Check in with those you notice and make yourself at home with them.

Love you all,


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