If there is one player that shaped the sound of at least the first two releases, "Cowboy Hats and Cadillacs" and "Wagon Wheel" - if not the whole album, it would be this man right here. This project actually started with some test runs of a few tracks in Scott's home studio in Amarillo, Texas. When I heard about this mysterious studio we ultimately recorded in (stories coming), Scott humbly stayed on board and played his heart out! He plays my most treasured instrument and most cherished sound of any musical production and does a smoking gun job of it! I am a "bass junkie" they say. Do yourself a favor today and visit the album page, crank your speakers up and tune your ear to this brilliant bass player! In every song I ever produce, I see and hear each instrument as a character in the story. The character Scott plays in both of these songs is that of the tall, black hat, black glasses, black suit - wearing undertaker.

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