What Do You Get When You Combine a Cowboy Hat with a Cadillac?

In the mid 70's, in the small town of Gruver, Texas, what you'd get was a tall, cigar-smoking, male member of a family with a funny name pushing 375 horsepower at 4400 rpm torque coming ninety miles an hour across the high plains, on his way back from the Fort Worth Stockyards. The second generation of my Texas cattle ranching family, ironically sporting the surname "Cluck," was a wild and wonderful bunch that I love to hear, and tell stories about.

Do you know why they roll the sides of a cowboy hat up like that? Well, that's so you can fit three or four of 'em in the back seat of a Cadillac. Alright, that's not really true but this is: There were ten members of that second generation - six boys and four girls. Every last one was a novel-worthy character, no joke! These men and women carved out a community and heritage that couldn't be beat with a stick - as much as some might have wanted to try at times. They were ornery, determined, hilarious, daring, bold, industrious, tenacious, and unparalleled. Their contributions remain significant and relevant in building a history and heritage well worth studying.

One might serve on the school board. One played organ in the local church - as well as at the local restaurant, sharing good jokes and wild stories throughout those evenings of entertainment. Many would promote and finance beneficial community programs. Others started an entire new industry offering countless jobs to citizens over the years. As with any family, there were differences of opinion, heated debates, and even divisions at times among them. But in the end, they left a true legacy and that my friends, is what life on earth is all about. I could not be more proud to be of this bloodline and I believe with my heart of hearts that every American could benefit by hearing the stories of my West Texas cattle ranching family.

On my 55th birthday, September 28, 2020, we are releasing the first single from my 12-song story album. The story spans four generations of my Texas cattle ranching family, with a message to the fifth. The first single, "Cowboy Hats & Cadillacs" has been a favorite among the viewers who've had an opportunity to watch the award winning "Songumentary" film.

"You could always tell when one of Jill's family members had passed away because all you could see was Cowboy Hats and Cadillacs"


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